Blowing Dust away with the KOH Hepa Jet II Air Blower

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This blog is about blowing away dust on your DSLR camera and lenses and in particular about the KOH Hepa Jet II air blower

I did a youtube posting a while ago about changing lenses in the field.  You can see it here.  Its a little long winded but at one point I blow on the lens before I reconnect it to the camera.    I have gotten several comments about how this is an awful thing to do.   You can end up putting spit or saliva on the lens.   How gross and it WILL stick to the lens and it WILL gather dust.

But in the field I want to minimize what I carry.   A lens or two,  a DSLR body or two,  some filters, God-Forbid a tripod……..   I don’t need to carry a blower with me.   So I have found that if you are careful that you can blow on a lens and NOT get any spittle on it.   I have checked with a lens magnifying loupe and verified that this is possible.   But there is a risk when you do it.

At home is a different story.   You can be more careful and you have all of your cleaning tools right there.   So before I go out on a shoot  I inspect and  clean everything.   I will cover the more intensive cleaning processing that I use in other blogs but the easiest thing to do is to blow any dust away.

For years I used a what I called a “Pocket Rocket” air blower.

Giottos AA1900 Rocket Air Blaster Large

Its a great little air blower.  You can get it at AMAZON here for about $11.  The problem with it is that it will blow dirty air right through the bulb and into the camera or lens.   So this made no sense to me.   And how hard could it be to put a filter on it so that it would not do that.

Well….  I did a google search and sure enough someone had thought about that.   I got the KOH HEPA Jet II.

KOH HEPA Jet II Air Blower

That little red thing at the bottom houses a small hepa filter.   So NOW you are blowing in clean air!!!    You can get it here for about $25.  Its more than twice the cost of the other blower but spending $25 for NOT putting dust in my camera is worth it.   And this will last forever.

I did a little youtube video of what I am talking about here.



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    September 2, 2012

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