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I am currently a microstock photographer.   But I have been a USAF B-52 Pilot, Rocket Test Engineer, Rocket Program Manager,  Propulsion Business Manager.  Did that while being a father to two great daughters and husband to the best wife you could hope for.  I am now retired and consider myself to be a Semi-Professional Photographer.   In other words I sell stuff but never get to the point where it becomes work…..after all I am retired.

I have also had a camera in my hands for 55 years.  Starting with a browny film camera and eventually working up to a minolta SLR in the 1970’s when I would develop my own black and with prints.  When digital first came out I dropped film like a hot potato and mostly had Canon point an shoots till about 2007.  I then got my first DSLR the Canon Rebel. Then a Canon 50D, then Canon 7D, then a full frame Canon 5D Mark II.   Now I still have that camera and just got a Canon 5 D Mark III.  And I have some of the best L class lens to go with  that camera.

Once I got the DSLR’s  I went into total submersion into this field.   I took courses, listened and participate in seminars, read many dozens of books, and have taken 10’s of thousands of images in the past 4-5 years.   About 3 years ago I found out about Microstock photograpy and have been selling images there.  I make anywhere from 26 cents to $400 per image.   I have sold over 6000 images today….mostly at 25 cents but a lot in the $2-20 range.   I think in about a year I will have made enough to pay for all of my camera stuff.

But the most important benefit is that Photography is opening my eyes to see things in everyday view in a whole new light.   This world is SO beautiful and interesting and frankly I think I only  saw about 20% of what could be seen.  I am loving this hobby.   I learn something new about it every day.  And I think there will never be an end to the learning.


  1. Matt Sylvester
    May 25, 2012

    Hello Mr. Keenan,

    I am in the process of purchasing a new camera strap and in the course of checking reviews and videos I happened to see the one you posted to YouTube. I clicked the link you had to a blog post about the Black Rapid strap and as I was looking at some of the archived posts on your site I started to read the post about selling used digital equipment. As I glanced at the photos you posted as being “good” EBay images it occurred to me that they looked somewhat familiar. It slowly dawned on me that they appeared to be images that I had taken and posted when I sold a Canon lens a couple of years ago. I was able to find my original pictures and verified that they were indeed the same as your samples. What a funny coincidence. What are the chances of that? I just wanted to mention it–I had to tell somebody. take care

    Matt Sylvester

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