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Canon EOS 5D Mark III Fever

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The source of my Fever


This is more of a rant than a blog post.

I have got the Canon EOS 5D Mark III fever…. bad.   I used to have the 7D.  Great camera.  Loved the high frame rate and AF system but I ultimately wanted a full frame camera.   So a couple years ago I got the 5D Mark II.  I loved the FF image quality and the improved ISO performance.   So pretty soon all I was using was the 5D.  So I sold the 7D to afford a lens upgrade.  Well….. I still love the 5D Mk II but I miss that AF system and the frame rate.

I started hunting the internet for rumors of a Canon EOS 5D Mark III about 2 years ago.   There were strong rumors that it was coming out in Sept 11.  I did a post here  But when the earthquake it…..   we all assumed that it would slow everything down…And it looked like it did.   Then there were rumors of an announcement in Feb12,  then March12,  then early March 12.

The specs looked like what I was looking for.  A BETTER AF system than the 7D.  A frame rate less than the 7D (I guess FF fps are expensive to do) but still 50% greater than the Mark II.   And rumors of improved ISO performance!!!  Price was high…but when you have the fever it does not matter.

I waited in anticipation.

I caught all of the announcement info on the evening of 1Mar12.   Got on a preorder list with B&H that evening.  Called the local Camera shop first thing in the morning and got in the list.


Still waiting.  People had them a few days ago in London, Hong Kong, Austrualia.   Yesterday people around the US were getting them from small camera shops.

Not me…….. Yet……..

I feel like  a 5 year old who was promised candy by the end of the day only to be told I would get it sometime later.   WHAAAAAAAAAAA!

I will post when I get it…… may be soon?