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Thinktank Retrospective 20 DSLR Camera Bag Review

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This post is about the Thinktank Retrospective 20 DSLR Camera Bag Review.  I will let the video below do most of my talking but I like this bag.  I have had a bunch of bags.   My previous was the 7 million dollar crumpler bag.  It was fine but it was too noticeable and for some of the reasons I cover in the video….. I needed a better bag.   I still use the Rapid Strap RS-4 but if I need extra lenses and other “stuff” the thinktank bag comes with me.

Thinktank Retrospective 20 DSLR Camera Bag

Thinktank Retrospective 20 DSLR Camera Bag



The video on the thinktank retrospective 20 review can be seen  HERE

DSLR Rain Protection in a Black Rabid Strap

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DSLR Rain Protection in Black Rapid Strap Pocket


I love this strap…. what can I say.  I just found another use for it.  And several people have asked about what I can put in that little pouch that comes with it.

Well….. we just moved from Sacramento, CA to Portland, OR.   We love it up here.  But the rains have hit.   In order to keep from going crazy we try to get outside as often as possible.  But the weather is very changeable.  It can be sunny, partly cloudy, very cloudy, misting, and raining …. all on one walk  ( like yesterday).   I have  nice waterproof crumpler and think tank bags but I just hate bags.  And for casual every day walks…. they don’t make sense to me.   So ergo…. the RS-4.

But on the last walk….which started out sunny….it started to rain. And I have no DSLR Rain Protection on me.   Now, at home,  I also have a emergency camera cover complete with lens cinch and eye piece hole.   I could have stuck that in my pocket…but its a little bulky.   Well were were walking to the market and there in the produce department were these flimsy (but very packable) plastic bags.   I opened one up….. it covers my 5 D MKII with the 24-70mm lens  AND lens hood… PERFECTLY.   So I put that one (after we leave the store).  Of course now it is not raining and the sun has come out.

DSLR Rain Protection , a grocery bag, over Camera


Now…. where can put this so I never have to think about bring it and I will always have it!!!!!   So now I have DSLR rain protection in my Rapid Strap.

It fit perfectly in the RS-4 … that already had a spare battery and back-up CF cards.

My DSLR Rain Protection grocery bag, battery, and memory cards next to the RS-4

Will this work with my larger lenses…. probably not.  But I usually break down and use a bag when I carry the bigger lenses.   Can I take pictures with this bag on.  No…. not unless i get some rubber bands and poke some holes in it.   But I have found that I don’t seek out taking pictures in the rain.  And when I do I usually have the more professional cover and my bag.